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"Solar ePower Cube 1500 - 5-Panel, Model# 2546"

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"A 10A solar controller, the Solar ePower Cube 1500 is the ultimate portable, renewable power source that ensures you don't run out of power. This unit features 5 fold-out/slide-out 16 Watt monocrystalline solar panels to collect the power of the sun up to 80 Watts to charge the 55Ah hybrid AGM-gel battery. Or charge the unit with a home AC outlet or DC outlet from your vehicle. This cube has a collapsible handle and wheels for easy transport. The built-in 1500 Watt AC inverter/3600 surge Watt has two built-in USB ports 5V @ 2.1 Amps. It also has a built-in storage compartment, digital LED display and features terminals for expansion with batteries or solar panels. Includes AC and DC chargers. Dimensions 26in.L x 26in.W x 26in.H. Weight 101 lbs. Solar Power Compatible Yes, Amps 12.5 ea. DC socket, AC Outlets qty. 2, Multiple Adaptors Yes AC/DC/USB/Solar charging, Battery Type 55Ah deep cycle gel, LED Indicators Yes, Adapters Included qty. Yes AC/DC/Solar panels, Handle Included Yes, Includes Solar Charger Yes, Works With Gas Generator No, GFCI Protection No, Rechargeable Battery Bank Yes-1, Reverse-Polarity Detector No, Surge Watts 3,600, Run Time hrs. 12 hrs., 22 min., Batteries qty. 1, Dimensions L x W x H in. 21 x 14 5/8 x 21, Rapid Recharge No, USB Ports qty. 2, Watts 1,500, Alternative Power Collection AC/DC source, solar, Includes Sound System No, Running Watts 40, Recharge Time hours at amps AC 24 hrs. solar panel 18 hrs. in full sun, DC Outlets qty. 2, Select Charge Rate 6A, Allows Backfeeding of Power No, Automatic Switch Back No, Built in Inverter Yes, Modified Sine Wave Yes, Rechargeable Yes, Storage Compartment Yes, Three Stage Charging AC source 2-stage only, Volts 120, Includes Air Compressor No, Includes Flashlight No. 10A solar controller Collapsible handle and wheels for easy transport Built-in 1500 Watt AC inverter/3600 surge watts Two built-in USB ports 5V@ 2.1 Amp and 1 Amp Two built-in AC outlets Each 16 Watt monocrystalline solar panel measures 18 1/2in.L x 12in.W x 1in.D Built-in storage compartment Digital LED display 80 Watts of solar power Features terminals for expansion with batteries or solar panels 26in.L x 26in.W x 26in.H 101 lbs."
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Customer Reviews for "Solar ePower Cube 1500 - 5-Panel, Model# 2546"
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Finally A 21st Century Affordable Power Backup

February 14, 2015
from Northern, NJ
After repeated power failures lasting several hours and even days after hurricanes and thunderstorms, I decided its time for a power backup source.
Initially I was thinking about a gasoline run generator (like most people), but I remembered looking at distressed people holding red gasoline containers, in very long lines, at the only operational gas station in our area with power and gasoline. Gasoline was rationed to 1 or 2 gallons per person and people waited in very long lines for many hours for their turn to get it. Local police had to be present at these gas stations because fights broke out between people waiting in long lines. So getting gas for automobiles or generators is a nightmarish situation during disasters. Even if a person does manage to get a gallon of gasoline, it will only last for an average eight hours in a gas generator. So eight hours of generator power after such hellish struggle is not enough, not to mention having the need to keep the gas generator outdoors because of it's smoke air pollution and the constant loud engine noise.
I was hoping to find any other type of battery based generator which could be powered by a renewable resource such as solar. I found another solar generator online but it was much more expensive than this "Wagan Solar e Power Cube". After seven months of searching for an ideal system, I finally found this amazing system. This is the perfect solar generator which I was hoping to find in my budget.
It is incredible to be able to recharge it from sunlight, or automobile, or electric-grid. Although sunlight charging may be limited to a certain percentage of total battery capacity per day, it is still better than nothing. I am sure that the average 33% of charge from sunlight per day is still enough to run low drain devices such as: 2-4 watt LED light bulbs, radio for news and information, recharging walkie-talkies, cell-phones, tablets, and on hot summer days/nights even my tower fan on "Eco" mode which consumes less power.
The only problem I have with this Solar e Power Cube is its weight. It is HEAVY and since I live on a second floor apartment, taking it up and down the stairs, to recharge it in sunlight, is going to be a work out. BTW: Manufacturer recommends at least two people to lift this system. I appreciate the inbuilt extended handlebar and wheels to roll the system, otherwise it would have been a back breaking e power boulder to carry. On a positive note: The huge weight is a reminder of the large heavy duty battery that this system comes with. I am certain that I will rarely be in a situation to charge it with solar panels as most power failures last for a few hours or at the most a couple of days. By the time power is restored, the system can be recharged from the grid itself. Its good to have the option to charge from the inbuilt solar panels, but that is a worst case scenario for me due to the fact that I live on the second floor with no elevator access.
As instructed, I let the first charge go on for 24 hours. I monitored the amount of wattage used by the AC charger. It started with 54 watts and slowly stabilized to 34 watts. When I checked the AC charger's LED light after about 16 hours, the unit was already charged. (This is about the amount of electricity used to charge the system from the wall outlet, for the first time). After that it automatically switched to trickle charge mode. This advanced automatic AC charger compliments this system. I like the Green/Red LED light on the charger itself that indicates battery charge status.
Another thing I noticed is that as soon as the inverter is turned on, the system's cooling fans also turn on. They make the system a bit noisy but this is much more bearable than the loud engine noise of gas generators.
I have tried using my tower fan and other devices with this machine and they run just fine, for several hours. I am really satisfied with this system and relieved to have finally found the exact type of system I was looking for.
Materials used to build this system appear expensive, solid, and heavy duty. The system is well designed and built to last.
Due to obvious changes in climates around the world, and storms becoming increasingly more severe and more frequent (just as predicted by a wise leader many years ago), I recommend this system to everyone, including people with gas generators, as a second source of power for smaller load devices. I also recommend this system to people living in apartments and condos as the best power back up source especially because the system can work indoors as there is no air pollution from gas generator smoke or loud gas generator noise.
Now I have peace of mind knowing that in case of power failure, I have some decent household power for my devices and appliances.
Most people overlook the fact that this system is a one time expense and it will never require fuel to power it ever. Just a few cents per month will keep it charged up, or, free energy from the sun. Due to the fact that I am a conservative power user, I do not feel the need to add an additional battery at this time, as I feel the internal battery is sufficient for my requirements.
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